3 May 2021

Du'a (Prayer) for Broken Shelter

From Upbeat, 12:30 pm on 3 May 2021
Michael Williams

Michael Williams Photo: Supplied

Michael Williams is Senior Lecturer in composition and electroacoustic music at the University of Waikato Conservatorium of Music. His musical influences range from Gregorian chant through to Middle Eastern music, and he often mixes  acoustic instruments together with electronic sounds.

In 2013, his opera “The Juniper Passion” became the first New Zealand opera to be performed in the home of opera, Italy.

Recently, part of Michael’s operatic work-in-progress 'Du'a (Prayer) for Broken Shelter' was workshopped and performed for NZ Opera.

Set to a libretto by Nida Fiazi and Tracey Slaughter, the work traces one family’s survival amidst the devastation of the global refugee crisis.

Music details

M WILLIAMS: Symphony No 1 "Letters from the Front", excerpt - New Zealand SO/Benjamin Northey (Atoll ACC318)
M WILLIAMS: The Prodigal Child, excerpt - Stephanie Acramen (sop), Ogen Plus Quintet (Atoll ACD306)
M WILLIAMS: Fugue, from Suite per antiche archi - Archi D'amore Zelanda (Atoll ACD218)