29 Mar 2021

Pianist Flavio Villani

From Upbeat, 12:30 pm on 29 March 2021
Flavio Villani and Marko Pop Ristov

Flavio Villani and Marko Pop Ristov Photo: Supplied

You might know Flavio Villani as the protagonist in 'Crossing Rachmaninoff'. The documentary film charts the young Italian-born New Zealand pianist’s journey to learn and perform the master composer’s Second Piano Concerto.

Alongside a busy chamber and solo career, Flavio has a particular interest in the historical practice of improvisation both in pedagogical and performance aspects in classical music.

Flavio has recently been offered a place in a London course on improvisation. He talked with Upbeat about the art of improvising, and how it offers the performer something more than just reproducing the notes a composer has written down.