12 Mar 2021

Voices at the End

From Upbeat, 12:30 pm on 12 March 2021

Voices at the End is an ambitious new work by John Psathas, one of New Zealand’s most internationally renowned composers.

It’s described as 'a digital concerto for six pianos', featuring not only six grand pianos, but also a digital audio soundscape with real-time sound mixing into the hall.

The work was inspired by the environmental documentary film Planetary, and although the music works as a stand-alone entity, there is a strong relationship with some of the issues presented in the film.

John Psathas

John Psathas Photo: The Dominion Post

Liam Wooding

Liam Wooding Photo: Ruby Shirres


John Psathas and  Liam Wooding (one of the pianists performing the work), talked with Upbeat just after the announcement was made that Auckland was moving to Covid Level 1, and this world première at the 2021 Auckland Arts Festival would be able to go ahead.

Voices at the End
Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall
Thursday 18 March, 8pm


A look behind the scenes: