9 Feb 2021

Auckland gospel choir Jubilation shares the love of singing

From Upbeat, 12:30 pm on 9 February 2021
Jubilation - Auckland's a cappella gospel choir

Jubilation - Auckland's a cappella gospel choir Photo: Supplied

Jubilation has something to jubilate about: the Auckland a cappella gospel choir turns 21 this year!

After a disrupted 20th birthday year in 2020, the choir has come through reinvigorated and with a new sense of purpose ahead of two performances of their programme The Word is Love as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival.

Songwriter and singer Jean McAllister and entertainment powerhouse Jackie Clarke spoke with Upbeat about the history of the choir and the sense of joy and fulfilment it can provide for both performers and audiences.

Jackie Clarke, Jubilation

Jackie Clarke, Jubilation Photo: Supplied

Jackie says she'd always wanted to be in a choir, and Jubilation was the perfect fit.

"There's a freedom of being amongst 30 people in a room," she says, "being part of something that's bigger than yourself - being part of a big chorus of voices is a particular pleasure".

"We rehearse once a week on a Tuesday night, and I can be feeling very stressed and tired... but by 15 minutes into a rehearsal you get that feeling of release and joy and love - the love that comes through the music."

For Jean, there's an extra level added when you're singing in a choir.

"A friend of mine once told me that if you want to feel like you're in a team, and you want to feel uplifted, either be in a rowing team or join a choir!"

"It's great when everybody's singing... it's got an extra feeling of lightness and it's great to be a part of it."

Jubilation performances in the 2021 Auckland Fringe Festival:
Sunday 21 February, 7pm, TAPAC, Western Springs
Sunday 28 February, 7pm, PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna