2 Feb 2021

Composer Ihlara McIndoe is going places

From Upbeat, 12:30 pm on 2 February 2021

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Ihlara McIndoe

Ihlara McIndoe Photo: Ihlara McIndoe

Dunedin composer Ihlara McIndoe was recently announced as this year’s NZSO National Youth Orchestra Composer In residence.

She has a growing reputation: as well as performances by the likes of the NZSO, Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and NZTrio, her works have been featured in international composer forums such as the Bendigo International Festival for Exploratory Music in 2019.

Last year, just before lockdown, Ihlara travelled to Antarctica as an Inspiring Explorer with the Antarctic Heritage Trust

Ihlara McIndoe talked with Upbeat’s David Morriss about her new role with the 2021 National Youth Orchestra, her Antarctic adventure and what motivates her as a composer.

"I suppose it's something I've done for a long time", Ihlara says. "As I've gotten older I've really enjoyed how composition is both an academic and a creative outlet... and it challenges me in various different ways."

"The more I've done it, the more I've gotten to experience working with different people and I really love the collaborate side of composition."

Ihlara McIndoe, Antarctica 2020

Ihlara McIndoe, Antarctica 2020 Photo: Ihlara McIndoe

Ihlara McIndoe, Antarctica 2020

Ihlara McIndoe, Antarctica 2020 Photo: Supplied