28 Sep 2020

London Mozart Players' adorable Peter and the Wolf

From Upbeat, 8:00 am on 28 September 2020

Looking for new ways to reach audiences during lockdown, the famed London Mozart Players hit on the ideal recipe: take one of classical music's best-loved kids' stories, add a couple of kids in costume, and substitute the family dog for the part of the wolf. Classic FM's Alexander Armstrong narrates, and there's even a rubber duck (spoiler - it comes to a sticky end)!


The wolf hears the sound of the hunters approaching

The wolf hears the sound of the hunters approaching Photo: London Mozart Players

For the London Mozart Players, this video is the culmination of everything that the orchestra has learned in lockdown: from musicians performing at home and in their gardens, to click tracks and filming themselves on their phones, to conductors becoming film producers and marketers becoming broadcasters, and of course, everyone supported by family members home-schooling and working from home.

LMP harnessed all the creative skills among the orchestra’s musicians (and their families), allowing them to flourish, proving that the passion for classical music in the LMP is a real driving force, even when circumstances keep them apart.

And we think this represents a new way forward for one of classical music's most iconic ensembles!

See the video below...



(Some text used in this story courtesy London Mozart Players)