11 Aug 2020

Beethoven on the road with the NZSQ

From Upbeat, 8:00 am on 11 August 2020
A caricature of Beethoven driving a blue motor scooter (and wearing a matching helmet) along a path next to a river.

Announcing the winners of double passes to the New Zealand String Quartet's national tour, and some of the unusual memories and places you have heard the music of Beethoven.

Each of the people below will receive a double pass to the performance they chose when they entered:

Antony S            


Für Elise played by a tuk-tuk van selling bread in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. Photo on request!

Wade A


Rannoch (the home of Sir James Wallace). Fur Elise played on accordion by Eddie Giffney!

Thalia O M


In a nightclub in the precinct of Budapest, Hungary, the 5th Symphony played in a electronic version.

Kevin McS


In the shearing shed

Annette M


Judea Marae (Tauranga)

Andrew P


We heard Beethoven's music being played on a digital piano, by a busker dressed in builder's clothes & wearing steel capped workboots!

Peter K


阿兹觉 Āzījiào, Sichuan SouthWest China, police roadcheck, music from adjacent primary school

Rocky S D


My first ever known encounter w/ LVB's music (and most unusual) was in an Army base movie theatre in the USA showing the 1973 sci-fi film "Soylent Green". I was 16 years old- and into the normal teenage music of the times. The euthanasia death scene of Edward G. Robinson in that film has always haunted me, especially knowing that it was his final film appearance (of 101 movies in his career). He died just 12 days after filming that scene of bladder cancer. I've been a classical music fan ever since - and The Pastoral is by far my most endearing favorite these past 50 years.

John B


Climbing the 54 metre tower of the 14th Century tower of the Palazzo Comunale, San Gimignano, Tuscany. I heard the opening bars of the Kreutzer Violin Sonata coming from a hall which I entered, and was invited to sit. Two female artists were rehearsing for an evening performance. They followed on with the Spring Violin Sonata - it was absolute magic!

Karina H

Kapiti Coast

Though not really unusual-My first & most profound memory of Beethoven is a small child over 50 years ago-My father put on a new record-Pastoral Symphony; From Rotorua, I was captivated & transported to another land & another time-this experience is still vivdly in my mind-I still have that old record too! It started a lifelong love affair of Beethovens music...

Gayna V


The first place I am aware of knowing Beethoven was with Shroeder, from 'Peanuts'. Moonlight Sonata on that tinny little cartoon Grand with his 3 fingered hand, shuffling elegantly through the chord changes on the runs with finesse. Of course, as a child, I didn't have that vocabulary, but was compelled toward that song, which compelled me to a love affair for life (for Beethoven's music, not Shchroeder).

Douglas P


Beside the fire in my living room - a guest played Beethoven’s 9th on his Jews harp

The NZSQ are performing in many towns across New Zealand to celebrate Beethoven's 250th anniversary over the next couple of months.

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