22 Jun 2020

Voices of Aotearoa 6:24 - creating opera with a distinctly New Zealand voice

From Upbeat, 12:11 pm on 22 June 2020

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Voices of Aotearoa 6:24 is an exciting new opera project that invites emerging and experienced artists to explore what it might be like to create an opera.

New Zealand Opera is looking for new voices to imagine what opera might be in the context of modern living in Aotearoa. Six teams, comprising an opera singer, an instrumentalist, a composer and a writer will develop the outline of an imaginary music-theatre work that may be commissioned in the future.

Each team will work together to develop a narrative outline, identify a moment of song within this narrative and collaborate using their specific skills to realise the writing, composition and performance of the song.

Specialised input from New Zealand Opera will contribute to the development of a rich dialogue around the subject of what opera is and what it might be.

Applications are open until 31 July 2020 and successful applicants will be notified by 31 August 2020.

David Morriss talked with NZ Opera General Director Thomas de Mallet Burgess about the project.