3 Oct 2019

New commission ‘Tectonic Impact’ to be performed by NZTrio

From Upbeat, 1:00 pm on 3 October 2019

If your idea of a piano trio is that of restrained elegance, possibly a bit on the stuffy side, then you’re definitely not thinking of NZTrio, especially this week when the trio will be making an impact with a new commission from Martin Lodge titled ‘Tectonic Impact’.

NZTrio - Somi Kim, Amalia Hall, Ashley Brown

NZTrio - Somi Kim, Amalia Hall, Ashley Brown Photo: Tai Nelson/NZTrio

The group was formed in 2002, and right from the start differentiated itself with its bold programming, juxtaposing established masterpieces of the repertoire with new and exciting voices from here and abroad. And with programmes that get you thinking, as well.

And that’s something composer Martin Lodge likes to explore, too. His biography on the SOUNZ website states, “Martin Lodge’s music is imbued with the sounds of nature, traditional Maori instrumental sounds and chant, rock music, and computers, as well as the Western classical mainstream.”

Martin Lodge

Martin Lodge Photo: Nicolaas Waanders

David Morriss spoke with Martin Lodge, and Ashley Brown, the founding cellist of NZ Trio, about the new NZTrio line up and what to expect from the new commission being performed this week.