15 Jun 2018

Two high profile job losses confirmed at the University of Auckland

From Upbeat, 3:50 pm on 15 June 2018

A high profile professor and a leading cello senior lecturer at the University of Auckland have confirmed their positions have been disestablished.

Uwe Grodd, professor of classical performance, and Edith Salzmann, senior lecturer in cello performance at the School of Music, have lost their jobs.

Uwe Grodd

Uwe Grodd Photo: Charles Brooks

This comes after a restructure at the University’s School of Music, which saw eight positions disestablished. Three positions were already vacant. Five staff have been directly affected.

Those five had a week to consider redeployment. That period came to an end on Wednesday.

Both Professor Grodd and Edith Salzmann are assessing their options.

Grodd says the support he’s receiving from New Zealand and abroad is “heartening”.

For the time being he is focusing on other projects, including a tour to the UK with the Gould Piano Trio and recording an album in Sussex.

A spokesperson for the School of Music says they are currently in the middle of a one-month redeployment period for staff in disestablished roles.

Final decisions regarding re-deployment will be made by mid-July.