17 Apr 2018

Face: the emotional and physical scars of war

From Upbeat, 1:00 pm on 17 April 2018

Ross Harris has a new work to be premiered on Thursday by the Auckland Philharmonia and at the end of April in London by the BBC Philharmonic.

The Soldier's Face by Barry Cleavin

The Soldier's Face by Barry Cleavin Photo: Supplied

Face is a vocal work written with poet Vincent O’Sullivan to remember the men who suffered serious facial injury during the first World War, changing their lives in the most dramatic way.

Vincent O’Sullivan says “For men like that, there’s no conclusion to the war. There is no armistice. For the rest of their lives, they lived with the day of that injury.”

It’s the 13th collaboration between Harris and O’Sullivan who have previously written several other works that look at the effect war has on individual lives, including the opera Brass Poppies and Requiem for the Fallen.

Eva Radich spoke with Ross Harris about Face, and asked him what attracts him to this type of material