27 Feb 2018

A tragic love story @Twilight

From Upbeat, 1:30 pm on 27 February 2018

Love and death thread through Romeo and Juliet. Many of us think of the young star crossed lovers of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, but a new adaptation explores those themes in rest homes.

Geraldine Brophy

Geraldine Brophy Photo: Supplied

Romeo and Juliet @Twilight was adapted and directed by well-known Kiwi Geraldine Brophy, tells of a couple in older years who meet in a retirement village and fall in love.

Issues of failing health, euthanasia and family trying to get their hands on inheritance permeate the play, accompanied by a score and soundscape composed by Sam Jones.

The creative duo sat down with producer Zoë George to talk love, loss and storytelling through sound.