21 Feb 2018

Hemingway’s first novel and decadent lifestyle on stage

From Upbeat, 1:30 pm on 21 February 2018

Experimental theatre New York style comes to the New Zealand Festival courtesy of Elevator Repair Service.

Founder and artistic director John Collins started the company after an aptitude test highlighted his engineering skills.

The Select (The Sun Also Rises)

The Select (The Sun Also Rises) Photo: Supplied

The company has been going for 27 years and one of its most successful shows The Select (The Sun Also Rises) is on in Wellington as part of the New Zealand Festival

It's an adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s first novel given a contemporary setting in one of his favourite places: a bar called The Select.

His decadent life style is brought to the stage in a riotous orgy of music, dancing and a word-for-word delivery of Hemingway’s original text.