8 Feb 2017

Biographer Joanne Drayton takes on Hudson & Halls

From Upbeat, 1:20 pm on 8 February 2017
Author Joanne Drayton.

Author Joanne Drayton. Photo: Supplied

Biographer Joanne Drayton is on a residency at the Carey Institute for Global Good in New York State.

The Auckland English teacher and author of biographies of crime writer Ngaio Marsh, painters Edith Colier and Rhona Haszard has received a Logan Nonfiction Fellowship.

Joanne’s book on prolific author Anne Perry, whose obsessive teenage life and crime was also portrayed in the film Heavenly Creatures, made the top ten non-fiction books in New York Times Bestseller list and generated more interest in her work stateside. Joanne has her own memoir in the works, and is using her time in the US to work on a book looking at the lives of comedic TV cooking duo Peter Hudson and David Halls called Hudson and Halls: Inseparable.