23 Apr 2015

Gavin Strawhan: When We Go To War

From Upbeat, 2:45 pm on 23 April 2015

When we go to war

A new local television series When We Go To War looks at New Zealanders and World War One.

According to the TVNZ website:

A historical saga, it tells the story of six young men and women who, in 1914, are full of plans and dreams for the future.

Cutting between life at home, Gallipoli and Egypt, this spectacular drama begins in a time of optimism and hope, on the eve of war...

As the series - and the war - progress, the changing lives of those back home are contrasted with the experiences of New Zealand soldiers in the trenches and of nurses caring for the wounded in Egypt.

Co-writer of When We Go To War, Gavin Strawhan explains the genesis of the project to Eva Radich.