1.00 The Rock Star of classical music

Pianist Lang Lang at Carnegie Hall

Pianist Lang Lang at Carnegie Hall Photo: Richard Termine

Chinese pianist Lang Lang gave a one-off New Zealand recital at Auckland's Civic Theatre last weekend. The 33 year old wows crowds wherever he plays with his flamboyant displays. He talks about what his addiction to performance and the buzz of constant touring.

1.15 Revealing the Singing Treasures

Taonga pūoro researcher, player and crafter Alistair Fraser in the RNZ studio with a hoard of different Maori instruments and a looping pedal plays a live session and shows how the taonga puoro come to life in his hands.

1.25 Country Lass

Mel Parsons performing 'Alberta Sun' live in the RNZ Auckland studios for NZ Live on Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Indie-folk singer Mel Parsons secured the top song prize at the New Zealand Country Music Awards in early June. She won the Best Country Music Song for her track Alberta Sun.

1.45 The Pacific beat

Hip-hop artist and music producer Matthew Salapu aka Anonymouz

Hip-hop artist and music producer Matthew Salapu, aka Anonymouz Photo: Facebook

Matthew Salapu – aka hip hop artist Anonymouz – talks to Tim Dodd about the soundscape, Resample Guåhån, which he created for the Festival of Pacific Arts that’s just recently been held in Guam.. The soundscape, along with its accompanying film, will be presented at the Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium tomorrow night.