1.00 Reaching Lofty heights


NZTrio Photo: Supplied

NZTrio’s Loft series has been so popular the group is extending the series with new commissions and collaborations. Each concert touches on a different theme. Violinist Justine Cormack and composer Chris Watson  discuss Zoom this weekend which features Watson’s Schemata. Part two of the Loft series is called Glow and will include Gareth Farr’s Forbidden Colours while Flare will feature tenor Simon O’Neill.

1.20 Inspiring the next generation in South Auckland

Sistema Music Director Jess Hindin conducting school children

Sistema Music Director Jess Hindin conducting school children Photo: Facebook

It’s been six months since Jess Hindin took the lead at Sistema Aotearoa as the musical director overseeing musical education and social development of the young South Auckland players. The talented violinist explains why encouraging children from Otara to pick up an instrument can be a life changing experience.

1.30 Octogenarian on form?

The Wayne Shorter quartet.

The Wayne Shorter quartet. Photo: Dorsay Alavi

The Wellington Jazz Festival opened last night to a full Opera House with headline act 82 year old American saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter. Norman Meehan explains whether the legendary performer still has enough puff to blow the crowds away.

1.45 A 450 year journey

Auckland Choral

Uwe Grodd conducting Auckland Choral Photo: Supplied

This weekend Auckland Choral will take the audience on a journey through English folk music from the 1500s until the 1980s. Musical Director Uwe Grodd will also play a favourite tune on his flute and soprano Morag Atchison will add her voice to the choir, marking 20 years since her debut with the choir.