1.00 Willing Shakespeare "actors" needed

Ania Upstill

Ania Upstill Photo: Supplied

Shakespeare portrait by Cobbe

Shakespeare portrait by Cobbe Photo: Public Domain

To mark the Quattro Centennial of Shakespeare's death, he's coming alive at Wellington Library through out 2016. All of Shakespeare's plays will have their moment as the Lord Lackbeards perform scripts of 15 minutes of 4 plays each month on Saturday mornings. Thespians Ania Upstill and Sabrina Martin are doing the honours this Saturday, but they need you to complete the cast! Willing audience members required.

1.20  Opera full of magic

Sara Brodie director of The Magic Flute

Sara Brodie director of The Magic Flute Photo: Supplied

The Magic Flute tells the mythical tale of Prince Tamino seeking to save his beloved Pamina from the clutches of her evil mother, Queen of Night. It is a story of love conquering all, adventure, comedy, magic and good versus evil, all brought together by Mozart’s extraordinary score.

1.40 Cross cultural composer

Leila Adu

Leila Adu Photo: Leon Dale

Music 101's Kirsten Johnstone chats with Princeton-based NZ composer and songwriter Leila Adu about sexism in the industry, Ghanaian hip-hop, and her newfound love of the mbira - the thumb piano.