1.00 Music helping to heal body, mind and soul

Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre's Carol White

Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre's Carol White Photo: Supplied

Art and science are two main elements behind Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre, New Zealand's only centre dedicated to music therapy. Carol White explains how introducing music can be a life changing experience artistically, socially, biologically and psychologically. 

1.20 Contemporary Cacophony?

Conductor Bramwell Tovey

Conductor Bramwell Tovey Photo: David Cooper

In Wellington on Friday, and on Auckland on Saturday, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra performed Aotearoa Plus – new music by NZ and overseas composers. Bramwell Tovey was the conductor, and one of the composers, and Stephen De Pledge the piano soloist. But did this new music inspire something special? Dominic Groom thinks not.

1.50 The Arts are Not a Lottery

The Arts Are Not A Lottery MC Jeremy Corbett

The Arts Are Not A Lottery MC Jeremy Corbett Photo: supplied

The arts industry is facing a $2.3 million drop in funding from the NZ Lottery Grants board this year, so what better way to raise awareness for funding in the arts than holding a bingo night. Comedian and MC Jeremy Corbett has a cheeky chat with Juliette Sivertsen about the serious side of the event being held tonight.