1.00 Michael Hurst

Actor Director Michael Hurst knows his Shakespeare better than most. A few years ago he created No Holds Barred his hilarious take on all his favourite Shakespearean heroes bundled into one solo show. Accolades followed and the show rolls on. But in the meantime Michael has a large new job on his hands: he directs King Lear for Circa Theatre's 40th anniversary and the 400th anniversary of the Bard's demise. 

1.30 Madeleine Pierard

Madeleine Pierard

Madeleine Pierard Photo: Robert Cato

Tonight Wellington audiences have a rare chance to hear award winning composer Ross Harris' Symphony No. 2 performed by The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and soprano Madeleine Pierard, for whom it was written. The text by Vincent O'Sullivan remembers the New Zealand soldiers who were shot for desertion in World War One. Spirit of Anzac: Voices from the Field conducted by Hamish McKeich also features music Australian Frederick Septimus Kelly and Englishman George Butterworth, who both died during the 1916 Battle of the Somme. Spirit of Anzac: Voices from the Field is repeated in Auckland tomorrow and will be broadcast on Anzac Day evening on RNZ Concert.