22 Feb 2024

Listening at the water's edge

From Three to Seven, 3:20 pm on 22 February 2024
Baddeleys Beach, Tāwharanui Peninsula

Baddeleys Beach, Tāwharanui Peninsula Photo: Garry Currin

We're sure we felt a gentle sea-breeze wafting out of the screen when we opened this email from Garry, who wrote "listening to Concert FM on the Takatu peninsula at Baddeleys Beach".

Also know as Tāwharanui, the peninsula juts into the Hauraki Gulf not far from Warkworth, north of Auckland.

Although his photo was pure summer, Garry asked for something from cooler climes, one of the songs from the US composer Maria Schneider's Winter Morning Walks: "Walking by Flashlight", sung by Dawn Upshaw.

Lovely choice, Garry.

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