26 Jul 2018

The Works Limerick Competition: Baroque

From The Works, 2:17 pm on 26 July 2018

Ever week, Nick Tipping, host of The Works on RNZ Concert, poses a weekly musical topic to inspire the creation of new limericks by our clever and humorous audience members. Each Friday we choose the best of the week.

This week- Baroque music! 


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This week's winner:

Nigel Kennedy brought the baroque
To ears more accustomed to rock.
This is the reason
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
Is a phone-line and shopping mall stock.

Freya Smith


Highly commended:

Who would have thought that baroque
Was the precursor to modern day rock?
But I am behoven
To Ludwig Beethoven
As well as to Brahms and to Bloch.

Kate Light, Motueka


A work can inspire or provoke
But, unless it’s a musical joke,
You won’t hear a samba
From a Viol da Gamba
So expect to hear something Baroque.

Blanche Charles, Kapiti


The music we know as baroque
No longer has power to shoque,
JS Bach and his sons,
All musical guns,
Put their mark on this golden epoque.

Janet Brown, Lower Hutt


Lully, while conducting his score
With his staff hit the beat on the floor
But sadly one day
Put his foot in the way
After which poor Lully was no more.

Eske Hos


A fiddler who loved to play folk
Had lunch with a cellist, her bloke.
When they'd had their fill
He said 'Go to the till,
Cos I'm really going baroque.'

Norm Murray