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“We’re having the most marvellous times together, getting to know each other and so much pleasure in each other’s company … The boys in the Physics class think it’s highly amusing the number of times I look in on Brian after lectures – but I try to redeem my reputation by working extra hard in class.”

Nursery of New Stars
A vast nebula called NGC 604, which lies in the neighbouring spiral galaxy M33, located 2.7 million light-years away in the constellation Triangulum. This is a site where new stars are being born in a spiral arm of the galaxy.

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BACH Cello Suite no 5 (Rostropovich) (EMI 555364)

SCHUBERT Trout Quintet (VIRGIN 5 45563)

BEETHOVEN Serenade Op 25 1st mvt (RCA RD 87756)

BRAHMS Cello Sonata in F 4th mvt (DG 410 510)