23 Feb 2019

Sound Lounge: James Newton Howard's Violin Concerto; Whitehead's Serenade for Ann Morris

From Sound Lounge, 9:30 pm on 23 February 2019


Anita Clark - St Bathans Range


Motte Photo: Justyn Rebecca Denney Strother

Christchurch musician Anita Clarke, who also goes by the name Motte, describes her violin tape delay music as something that "sounds like what you would imagine it would feel like to be stuck inside a hothouse in the dead of night... full of tropical plants, flying insects, and a suffocatingly humid atmosphere.

St Bathans Range is Anita's contribution to the Spring 2018 edition of Works for Loudspeakers - a quarterly listening party showcasing emerging and established composers.

ANITA CLARK: St Bathans Range
Anita Clark (violin, electronics)
Works for Loudspeakers Spring 2018

RNZ Music is proud to share the first look at ‘Give It To Me’ by Motte, the solo incarnation of Christchurch singer/violinist Anita Clark who was silenced by a virus that could have stopped her singing forever.

Steve Barry

Hatch is an album of contemporary piano music that has been composed and performed by one of the finest of New Zealand's current generation of improvising musicians.Steve Barry has lived, studied, and performed in Sydney for more than a decade, and the influence of his extensive research is clear to hear in this exceptional solo debut. (Rattle)

STEVE BARRY: Spire, from the album Hatch
Steve Barry (pno)
Rattle RAT D081


PETER MAUNDER: Ripples & Waves
Peter Maunder (tbn), Helen Webby (harp), Lisette Wesseling (sop)
Atoll ACD 115

Gillian Whitehead - Tom's Serenade for Ann Morris

At an Auckland Philharmonia fundraising auction in 2000, one of the orchestra's most generous sponsors, Dr. Tom Morris, bid a substantial amount for a short ensemble piece to be written by the composer-in-residence. His was the choice of ensemble and title; the first performance was given in the Auckland Town Hall at the orchestra's 21st birthday celebrations in 2001, where it was played as a surprise for his wife, Ann, to whom it is dedicated, and whose birthday it also was. Serenade for Ann Morris spans four sections in one movement, of which the second is for strings alone, and the third is an oboe cadenza. (SOUNZ)

GILLIAN WHITEHEAD: Tom's Serenade for Ann Morris
Vilém Veverka (oboe), Jindřich Pazdera (violin), Jan Peřuška (viola), Petr Hejný (cello)
Rattle RATD077

James Newton Howard's Violin Concerto

In the early 2000s, violinist James Ehnes was at the cinema watching the M. Night Shamalayan sci-fi horror film Signs, featuring a score by James Newton Howard. During the credits Newton’s music was so gripping that Ehnes’s wife turned to him and said ‘This guy should write a Violin Concerto for you!’ James Ehnes laughed the suggestion off, thinking this was not something that would never happen. Fast forward 12 years, and this is exactly what did happen when Howard was commissioned to write a Violin Concerto for James Ehnes and the Pacific Symphony. And it seemed Howard was just as nervous as Ehnes about it all. Howard admitted to feeling ‘thrilled, excited, expectant and ultimately terrified’ at writing the concerto.

James Ehnes (violin), Detroit SO/ Cristian Măcelaru
Onyx Classics ONYX 4189

Works for Loudspeakers - Spring 2018

Works for Loudspeakers - Spring 2018

Works for Loudspeakers - Spring 2018 Photo: Album Cover Art

Works For Loudspeakers is a quarterly listening party showcasing emerging and established composers. Every edition is different, and curated to give a platform for non-performative sound-based composition - music that would usually not have a public outlet. The audience is given an opportunity to exercise close listening in a friendly environment.  

EMMA BERNARD: Sidereal - Emma Bernard (electronics)
GEMMA NOTARPIETRO: Introspect - Gemma Notarpietro (electronics)
Works for Loudspeakers Spring 2018

11:05 Relevant Tones: Still Goldberg After All These Years

Bach’s Goldberg Variations is thought to be one of the most important examples of the compositional technique that repeats material in an altered form. Over the years composers have used this style to create modern versions. (WFMT)