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The Gristle of Knuckles

The Gristle of Knuckles Photo: album cover art

EVE DE CASTRO-ROBINSON: A selection from The Gristle of Knuckles album
Passion Flower – Kevin Field (pno)
The Long Dream of Waking – (Don McGlashan (vocals, various instruments)
Hau - Mere Boynton (voice, crystal glass)

9:45 Intrepid Music Project

A selection of pieces by young New Zealand composers recorded at the Intrepid Music Project’s concert in Kerr Street Artspace, Devonport in April 2014.

Glen DOWNIE: Jive for Giuffre; Salina FISHER: Komorebi; David GRAHAME: still life; Callum BLACKMORE: Unsavoury Liaisons - Kenny Keppel (cl), Sam Rich (percussion, vibraphone), Alex MacDonald (vla), Eric Scholes (dbass)/Alex Taylor (RNZ)

Salina Fisher

Salina Fisher Photo: SOUNZ


DAI FUJIKARA: Sparking Orbit for electric guitar and live electronics
Daniel Lippel (guitar), Dai Fujikara (electronics)
Kairos 0013302 KAI

10:40 Laurie Anderson

Trevor Reekie talks to Laurie Anderson about how finding hope in loss became the raw material for her latest album Landfall, a collaboration with Kronos Quartet, inspired by the objects Anderson lost in Hurricane Sandy.

Kronos Quartet and Laurie Anderson

Kronos Quartet and Laurie Anderson Photo: supplied

11:00 Relevant Tones - Music of Math

Though it’s definitely not true of all composers, many have a facility and fascination with math. We’ll talk to several composers who use math in their compositions and find out how this affects the resulting music. Is it all cerebral? What is the balance between emotional expression and mathematical precision? (WFMT)

George Crumb's Spiral score

George Crumb's Spiral score Photo: Supplied