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7:00 Resound 2015

Peter Adams

Peter Adams Photo: Promethean Editions

Nine programmes introduced by Kenneth Young

(7) CLAIRE COWAN: Opito - Auckland Philharmonia/Miguel Harth-Bedoya (RNZ)
PETER ADAMS: Sonata for clarinet and viola - Rachel Vernon (cl), Peter Barber (vla) (RNZ)
GLENDA KEAM: Bite - 175 East: Andrew Uren (cl), Katherine Hebley (cello), Glenda Keam (electronics) (RNZ)
EVE DE CASTRO-ROBINSON: Ring True - Dan Poynton (pno) (RNZ)
JOHN RIMMER: Fifty Apples for Eve - Uwe Grodd (fl), Tzenka Dianova (pno) (RNZ)

EDIE: CPU Intensive Head Feck
Anna Edgington (vocals, electronics)
Private Recording

LUNATIC TOYS: North, Gris, from the album Ka Nis Za
Lunatic Toys
SIG 11089


8:00 Nine Echoes - Stroma

Stroma Nine Echoes art

Stroma Nine Echoes art Photo: Supplied

Stroma presented a major tribute to Douglas Lilburn on the day of his 100th birthday. Nine Echoes features nine new works written by New Zealand composers, each work responding to one of Lilburn's Nine Short Pieces for piano, played in the concert by Emma Sayers. The new pieces are as diverse as the composers themselves, who range from major figures such as Eve de Castro-Robinson and John Elmsly, to recent graduates, and postgraduate students such as 21-year-old Stephen Clothier.

LILBURN: Nine Short Pieces - Emma Sayers (pno)

BALLARD: Meditation; DOWNIE: The Lilburn Hop; DE CASTRO-ROBINSON: No. 3; KER; pulse-echoes; CLOTHIER: A Stable Reference; FISHER: Dream 6; WEBSTER: Number 7; NORRIS:  Mesophase; ELMSLY: In October Light - Stroma/Hamish McKeich


No-Fi Rainbow Volume 2

No-Fi Rainbow Vol. 2 album cover art

No-Fi Rainbow Vol. 2 album cover art Photo: End of The Alphabet Records

A selection of tracks from a recently released compilation by New Zealand experimental label End of the Alphabet Records for which the label has scoured the country to give a singular vision of what might be happening in some of the weirder parts of the New Zealand music scene.

YEONGRAK: Absorb Some Weapons; BIG FLIP THE MASSIVE: Hoodie Bobby; SIGN OF THE HAG: Das Controller, MOUTH ERECT: Voyage; VORONOI: Approaching the Red Planet, from the album Lo-Fi Rainbow Volume 2
End of The Alphabet Records


LUNATIC TOYS: Pavlov II, Lab, Bic, Vesva, from the album Ka Nis Za
Lunatic Toys
SIG 11089

ROLY PORTER: Gravity, from Life Cycle of a Massive Star
Roly Porter (electronics)
Subtext SUBCD005

10:00 Relevant Tones

Composer Cosmology

Crab Nebula

Crab Nebula Photo: Supplied

As astrophysicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson learn more about the cosmos and present their often strange and wondrous findings to the public, the creative mind can’t help but be captivated and inspired, and composers are certainly no exception. From super strings to quarks, multiple dimensions to M theory, we’ll play several imaginative works by composers captivated by our universe. (WFMT)

Music Details

Daniel Kellogg: Beginnings from Divinum Mysterium (excerpt)
eighth blackbird
Cedille 076

Derek Bermel: Heart of Space fr. Short History of the Universe
JACK Quartet; Derek Bermel, clarinet

Daniel Kellogg: The Spirit of God Moved Upon the Face of the Waters from Divinum Mysterium (excerpt)
eighth blackbird
Cedille 076

Evan Ziporyn: Ka fr. Sulvasutra
The Silk Road Ensemble
World Village 468095

Tristan Murail: Gondwana (excerpt)
ORTF National Orchestra/Yves Prin
Naive 782175

Mark Petering: String Theory fr. Three Pieces for Mixed Trio
Adams Marks, piano; Andrew Williams, violin; Jennifer Woodrum, clarinet (Fifth House Ensemble)
Zebrina 1077

Michael Gandolfi: The Fractal Terrace fr. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra/Spano
Telarc 60696

John Corigliano: The Mannheim Rocket
Helsinki Symphony Orchestra/Storgårds
Ondine 1039

11:00 New Music Dreams

BRYCE DESSNER: Aheym, Little Blue Something, Tenebre, Tour Eiffel
Kronos Quartet, Brooklyn Youth Chorus
Anti 187296

Aheym - Bryce Dessner & Kronos Quartet album

Aheym - Bryce Dessner & Kronos Quartet album Photo: Cover Art

ROLY PORTER: Cloud, from Life Cycle of a Massive Star
Roly Porter (electronics)
Subtext SUBCD005