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7.00 Sound Lounge
Around the world in new music, with Kate Mead

john psathas portrait large  John Psathas

PSATHAS: Psyzygysm
Pedro Carneiro (vibes/mar), Stroma / Hamish McKeich
Rattle RAT D018

ross harris Ross Harris

HARRIS: Shadow Music
Kiwi SLD 54

7.30 You Call This Art?

Six programmes

(2) Filmmaker Mark Albiston, poet Greg O'Brien and composer and musician Warren Maxwell talk about what motivates them with Paul Bushnell. Wine writer John Saker also contributes (RNZ)



Qigang Chen Qigang Chen

QIGANG CHEN: Iris unveiled
Wu Bixia, Ke Luwa, Ma Shuai (sops), Wang Nan (erhu), Li Jia (pipa), Chang Jing (zheng)
National Orch of France / Muhai Tang
Virgin 5 45549


Ussachevsky Vladimir Ussachevsky

USSACHEVSKY: Metamorphosis; Linear Contrasts; Wireless Fantasy; Of Wood & Brass: Computer Piece No 1
New World Records 80654


Desyatnikov Leonid Desyatnikov

DESYATNIKOV: The Russian Seasons
Gidon Kremer (vln), Kremerata Baltica
Nonesuch 7559 79803


Messiaen Olivier Messiaen

MESSIAEN: Des canyons aux etoiles
Roger Muraro (pno), Jean-Jacques Justafre (horn), Francis Petit (xylo), Renaud Muzzolini (glock), Radio France Phil / Myung-Whun Chung

11.00 New Music Dreams

Micus Stephan Micus

Stephan Micus (vox / instrs)
ECM 1897