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7:00 Music from the 1900s, to mark the Auckland Phil’s Splendour Series

IVES: The Unanswered Question
Milwaukee SO/Lukas Foss
Pro Arte CDD 102

STRAVINSKY: The Faun & Shepherdess
Lucy Shelton (sop), Cleveland Orch/Oliver Knussen
DG 449 205

VARESE orch BEAUMONT: Un grand sommeil noir
Mireille Delunsch (op), Royal Concertgebouw Orch/Riccardo Chailly
Decca 460 208

KOECHLIN: The Spring Running
Berlin Radio SO/David Zinman
RCA 09026 61955

8:00 These Hopeful Machines
A six-part series in which James Gardner traces a personal path through the evolving world of electronic music - and meets some of the people who made it happen.

(3) "Fag ends and Lollipops"

The BBC Radiophonic workshop takes electronic music from highbrow drama to primetime TV and school playgrounds. Including exclusive interviews with Morton Subotnick and Peter Zinovieff, and Brian Hodgson and Mark Ayres of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (RNZ)

9:00 Music from These Hopeful Machines, curated by James Gardner

Delia Derbyshire : Pot au Feu

The Who : Anyhow Anyway Anywhere

Luciano Berio : Thema (Omaggio A Joyce)

John Baker : Dial M for Murder

F.C. Judd : Musique Concrète is Fascinating

John Baker : Interview/Radio Nottingham

Tristram Cary : Suite – The Japanese Fishermen

Ron Grainer : Dr Who Theme

Berio : Laborintus II (second section)

The Beatles : Tomorrow Never Knows

James Tenney : Collage#1 (Blue Suede)

Delia Derbyshire : Blue Veils and Golden Sands

Elvis Presley : Baby Let’s Play House

Boards of Canada : Bocuma/Roygbiv

10:00 In celebration of royal babies, a completely unknown work by a Shropshire Lad

Pauls Putnins, Andrew Staples, Elena Ferrari, Jennifer Johnston (vocs), London Oriana Choir, Kensington SO/David Drummond
Dutton CDLX 7141

11:00 New Music Dreams … in various shades and hues

MURPHY: This is the colour of my dreams
Shauna Rolston (cello)
CBC Radio Orch/Mario Bernardi
SMCD 5214

DE GRAAF: Green Fountain
Dick de Graaf (sax), Russell ‘Konkie’ Halmeyer (steel pans), Inga Juuso (voc), Mamadou Diabate (kora), Moussa Diallo (bgtr/voc), Ty Burhoe (perc)
Radio Netherlands MWCM 13

GRENFELL: A Feather of Blue
NZ Trio
Trust MMT 2066

TIPPETT: The Rose Lake
BBC National Orch of Wales/Richard Hickox
Chandos CHSA 5039