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7:00 Egypt’s Identity

Suzy Klein travels to Cairo to meet musicians and cultural activists, and find out how Egypt is forging a new cultural identity. Recorded in a climate of upheaval and protest that climaxed with the deposing of President Mohammed Morsi this week, Suzy hears how Egyptian cultural identity not only spans 7,000 years of history, but includes Pharaonic, Arabic, Coptic and Western Classical music, and that musicians today are taking to the street to defend this plurality of cultural expression. (BBC World Service)

SCHAT: Adem (Breath)
Netherlands Chamber Choir/Huub Kerstens

8:00 These Hopeful Machines

A six-part series in which James Gardner traces a personal path through the evolving world of electronic music - and meets some of the people who made it happen.

1) "Everything Audible in the World Becomes Material”
Recording and electricity crack open the world of sound. What happens next?

9:00 Music from the first part of These Hopeful Machines

DAVIDSON/CLARK/DIMOND: Lee De Forest 1939 World Trade Fair
Topology / Loops
Serrated Records

CHESSA: L’acoustique ivresse
Nicolas Isherwood (bass), The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners / Luciano Chessa, Trento Risuona Improvisation Orchestra
Private recording, courtesy of the composer

HUNTING: Casey Listening To The Phonograph
Edison Bell 6584

G RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: March Trot “Galop”
Archive recording, courtesy of Andrey Smirnov

GRAINGER: Free Music No.1
Lydia Kavina (theremins)
Mode 76

HINDEMITH: Trickaufnahme
Public domain archive recording

MESSIAEN: Fete des Belles Eaux (Eighth movement: Feu d’artifice Final)
Ensemble d’Ondes de Montreal
Atma Classics ACD 2 2621

COWELL:  Aeolian Harp/Sinister Resonance and The Banshee
Henry Cowell (pno)
Smithsonian SF 40801

CAGE: Imaginary Landscape No.1
Mode 229

NANCARROW: Player Piano Study No.27
Other Minds OM 1015-2

Intermedium Rec 003

SHOLPO: Sterviatniki (excerpt)
Archive recording, courtesy of Andrey Smirnov

HOOP: Phonograph
Jesca Hoop
Last Laugh LASTL016V

10:15 As the NZSO take Kalevi Aho’s Percussion Concerto, Sieidi around the country

AHO: The Book of Questions
Monica Groop (mezzo), CO of Lapland/John Storgards
BIS CD 1686

SOURIKOVA: Steps in the Snow
Katya Sourikova (pno), Curtis Macdonald (sax)
Weave Records WVR 001

11.00 New Music Dreams

JL ADAMS: In the White Silence, extract
Oberline Contemporary Ensemble/Tim Weiss
New World Records