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7:00 Resound

Ten programmes of New Zealand music from the RNZ archives introduced by Kenneth Young

(3) CREE-BROWN: Forgotten Memories - Vyvyan Yendoll (vla), NZSO/James Judd (RNZ)

BROWNLEE: Mists and Voices - electroacoustic (RNZ)

CRESSWELL: Triptych - Gretchen Dunsmore (cl), Lynda Cochrane (pno) (RNZ)

BALADA: Zapata: Images for Orchestra
Barcelona Symphony, Catalonia National Orch/Salvador Mas Conde
Naxos 8.557342

8:00 Jonathan Batiste Band @ Kennedy Center Jazz Club

MONK: Green Chimneys; MORTON: New Orleans Blues; ABREU: Tico Tico; TRAD: St James Infirmary Blues; MANCINI/GERSHWIN: Medley: Moon River/Embraceable You; LINS/BATISTE: You & I; BATISTE: Kindergarten (NPR)

SCHNITTKE: Passacaglia
Malmö SO/Leif Segerstam
BIS CD 437

MOSSOLOV: Nocturne Op 15/1-2; Three Pieces Op 23a; Two Dances Op 23b
Steffen Schleiermacher (pno)
Hat Hut ART 104

9:30 Illegal Harmonies

Ten programmes written & presented by Andrew Ford

(4) Depression and Oppression

In the 1930s it wasn't easy being a modern composer, particularly if you lived in Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. The Soviets wanted cantatas about factories while the Nazis wanted any music that wasn't dissonant or too jazzy or by a Jew. You can imagine - that didn't leave much. Out of these turbulent years came some great music, including three of the 20th century's greatest operas - Lady Macbeth, Lulu and Porgy and Bess.

Music by Igor Stravinsky, George Gershwin, Olivier Messiaen, Benjamin Britten, Dimitri Shostakovich, Béla Bartók and Alban Berg (ABC Classic FM)

See the ABC website for this programme

LEUNING: Low Speed
Otto Leuning (fl/electronics)
OHM+: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music
Ellipsis 296369

11.00 New Music Dreams


Ralph Records - ESK7906

1. The Walrus Hunt (4:01)
2. Birth (4:33)
3. Arctic Hysteria (5:57)
4. The Angry Angakok (5:20)
5. A Spirit Steals a Child (8:44)
6. The Festival of Death (10:28)

Total Time: 39:03

North of Greenland, well within the Arctic Circle, and on the floating ice continent surrounding the North Pole, lived a nomadic tribe of Mongolian descendants known as the Eskimo. Their culture was passed down through generations in the form of adventurous tales and ceremonial music. This album attempts to recreate not only the Eskimo ceremonial music, but also a living context for its existence, in the form of Eskimo stories. Although on the disc, the stories are told purely with sound, a written account is provided to aid your appreciation of this unique culture. For maximum enjoyment, this record should be listened to with headphones while reading the enclosed literal accounts of what you hear. Eskimo should be played in its entirety. A relaxed state of mind is essential. Warm clothing or a blanket should be within easy reach. (From the liner notes)

Find out more and read the written accounts discussed in this item.

12K 1039