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ANTHEIL: Ballet Mécanique
New Palais Royale Orch & Percussion Ensemble/Maurice Peress
Nimbus NI 2567

CAGE: Williams Mix
Pre-recorded 8 channel tape by John Cage
Ellipsis 296369

RAUTAVAARA: Cantus arcticus, Concerto for birds & orchestra
Leipzig Radio SO/Max Pommer
Ondine ODE 747

JODI CAVE: For Myria (II)
12K 1043

8.00 Stroma (51’00)

Soundbytes II: Body/Drift
McKINNON: Nowdrifts;
ESSL: Sequitur II;
NORRIS: De Corporis Fabrica - Richard Haynes (cl)

IFUKUBE: Main Title, from the film soundtrack Mothra vs Godzilla
GNP/Crescendo 4805521
IFUKUBE: Ritmica Ostinata
Ekaterina Saranceva (pno), Russian Phil, Dmitry Yablonsky
Naxos 8.557587

V2 102459

12K 1943

9.30 Illegal Harmonies (90’00)

Written & presented by Andrew Ford

(1 of 10) What’s Modern?

The American composer, John Cage, said there are legal harmonies, the ones in the text books, and illegal harmonies, which is everything else. For Cage this meant listening to passing traffic, road drills, air conditioning and anything else he could lay his ears on. But the truth is the whole history of music has depended on illegal harmonies, composers tearing up those text books and breaking the rules. This was never more true than in the 20th Century.

Music by Arnold Schoenberg, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Percy Grainger and Charles Ives.

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Goldmund’s album Malady of Elegance

KENIFF: Image-Autumn-Womb; In A Notebook; Finding It There; Subtle The Sum; Threnody; Now; The Winter Of 1539-1540; Ouendake; John Harrington; Apalachee; The Gardener; Mound Builders; Gifts; Clement Danes; Evelyn – Keith Keniff (pno)
Type 639