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O’NEILL: Bonessongs
Joanna Chapman-Smith, Ben Rogalsky (vocs), Gamelan Madu Sari
Songlines SGL 2406


Barry Vercoe, Professor Emeritus at MIT visits the studio to talk about his mantra, Music, Mind and Machine and how it’s provided an impetus to his life as composer, inventor, pedagogue and recently in his startup project ‘one laptop per child australia’


PARLETT:  Inquietude
SutrisnoHartana, AnisAstuti, DB Boyko, Christine Duncan (vocs), Gamelan Madu Sari
Songlines SGL 2406


Chris Cree Brown’s Pilgrimage to Gallipoli, aradiophonic work expressing the composer’s experience of attending the ANZAC day commemoration at ANZAC cove in Turkey


Two new releases from Jeff Henderson’s iiii label:

Heavy Weather, from the CD Eyeballs, featuring Shoji Hano (drums), Jeff Henderson (sax), Paul Buckton (gtr), Paul Winstanley (electric bass)

No Turning Back, from the album Nova Zemlya featuring Tetuzi Akiyama (gtr), Phil Dadson (sprong, gloop, pno), John Bell (vibes, perc, etc.), Andrew McMillan (live manipulation)


NOCK: Transformations
Colin Hemmingsen (sax/lc), Nick Tipping (bass), John Rae (drums), NZ String Quartet
Ode CDMANU 5129

11.00 New Music Dreams

HOSOKAWA: Landscape V; Ceremonial Dance; Sakura fur Otto Tomek; Cloud & Light
Mayumi Miyata (sho), Munich CO/Alexander Liebreich