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Kate Mead hosts a weekly forum for contemporary music

7:00 Ensemble InterContemporain

BOULEZ: Derive 1 & 2
EIC/Pierre Boulez
DG 00289 477 5327

EIC/Pierre Boulez
DG 439 910

8:00 The Nerve

Six programmes

(4) Enchanted, Entranced (Music & Spirituality)

In Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and every minor religion around the world, music has been used as a tool to elevate the spirit or unite the faithful. Jowi Taylor looks at how music has come to be so closely associated with the sacred, and how chanting, singing and drumming in unison produce tangible physical effects, evoking altered states from trance to exaltation. Many cultures consider music to be a gift from the gods. But apart from the claim that it is a gift from God, what is it exactly about music that makes it have such power over our spirits? Taylor congregates a variety of opinions from multiple faiths to address why music so enchants and entrances us (CBC)

MACHOVER: Soft Morning, City
Centre Georges Pompidou CD 0002 A

9:00 Proms 2011

BBC Singers/Robert Hollingworth, Sinfonye/Stevie Wishart

BINGEN: excerpts from 'Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum’; BRITTEN: Sacred and Profane; BIRTWISTLE: Narration; WISHART: Out of This World (BBC Commission, Première) (BBC/EBU)


BIRTWISTLE: Secret Theatre
Ensemble Intercontemporain/Pierre Boulez
Deutsche Grammophon 439 910

SCHOENBERG : Lied der Waldtaube, from Ersartung
Jessye Norman (mezzo), Ensemble Intercontemporain/Pierre Boulez
Sony SMK 48466

11:00 New Music Dreams

Ancient Astronaut Theory
Dave Lisik, Richard Nunns
Rattle RAT D025