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PULKKIS: Vernal Bloom
Tampere Phil/Hannu Lintu
Ondine ODE 1176

PULKKIS: Tales of Joy, Passion, and Love
Kari Kriikku (cl), Gabriel Suovanen (bar), Tampere Phil/Hannu Lintu
Ondine ODE 1176

RAUTAVAARA: Pelimannit (The Fiddlers)
Pekka Kuusisto (vln), Paavali Jumppanen (pno)
Ondine ODE 1177

8:00 The Nerve
(1 of 6) Wired for Sound (Music & the Brain)

Jowi Taylor takes you on an aural journey, from the creation of sound at its source, through the air and the outer ear to the cochlea, the spinal column, and the cerebral cortex. On the way, you'll hear about how and why hearing evolved, and how the human ear is designed to react to certain sounds. Why do we hear some sounds as music, and other sounds as noise? What's the critical relationship between anticipation and satisfaction that drives music? Just what happens when the human brain and music become dance partners? And what roles do the elements we call rhythm, harmony, melody and timbre play in that dance? Taylor looks at how we are wired for sound - and just how all the wonder that music makes possible, is possible itself in the first place. (CBC)

TUDOR: Neural Synthesis, excerpt
David Tudor
Lovely Music LCD 1602

9:00 New Zealand Electronic Music Symposium 2010

CHILDS: Recall; STANSBIE: Escapade; BENNETT: Stagpipes; DIRIE: Hwatu; HALAC: Blown; DE CASTRO-ROBINSON: Breathe; CHEN: The Wanderer; YOUNG: Arrivederci; NORRIS/BROWN: Eight Maps for the lost; CREE BROWN: Inner Bellow (recorded in the Kenneth Meyers Centre and Music Theatre, University of Auckland by RNZ)

For more incarnations of works by these composers, we've plucked a handful of video offerings for your perusal…

Codie Childs'Recall' at the 2010NZEMS with Alex Macdonald on viola:

Pollen - a visual experience with music by UK composer, Adam Stansbie:

Alex Bennett's Stagpipes and Wheezebox performances at the Blue Oyster Art Project Space in Dunedin last year:

Posted by our friends at SOUNZ, enjoy Breathe by Eve de Castro Robinson:

Finally, a digital pop / free jazz cover of Chris Cree Brown's Inner Bellow - With Disasterradio and Jim Langabeer on saxophones:

11:00 New Music Dreams
Recorded live at New York's (le) Poisson Rouge …

GLASS: Glassworks
Michael Riesman (pno), Signal/Brad Lubman
Orange Mountain Music OMM 0073