5 Jan 2020

Sisters rule

From Pick and Mix, 12:00 pm on 5 January 2020

We're focussing on sister groups in Pick and Mix, including fiddle-singers and multi-instrumentalists Rowan and Anna Rheingans from the north of England;


the Ahn Trio (Lucia on the piano, Angella on the violin, and Maria on the cello);


and The Secret Sisters.


Music details:

RAYE, PRINCE: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Andrews Sisters (AXIS cdax 701114)
R RHEINGANS: Mackerel - The Rheingans Sisters (PROPER 420089)
R RHEINGANS: Green Unstopping - The Rheingans Sisters (RootBeatRecords RBRCD28)
RONSON: Uptown Funk - The Ayoub Sisters (Decca: 4815780)
TRAD: Misirlou - The Ayoub Sisters (Decca: 4815780)
LAURA & LYDIA ROGERS: Tennessee River Runs Low - The Secret Sisters (Bandcamp)
LAURA & LYDIA ROGERS: Carry Me - The Secret Sisters (Bandcamp)
LAURA & LYDIA ROGERS: Kathy’s Song - The Secret Sisters (Bandcamp)
KASRI: Sandia - Hamid El Kasri (Sacavneurasys)
KASRI: Samaoui - Hamid El Kasri (Sacavneurasys)
TRAD: Les couteaux a buerre - Sœurs Boulay (Grosse Boîte DTC2-4584)
DION: Pour que tu m'aimes encore - Sœurs Boulay (Grosse Boîte DTC2-4584)
THE DOORS: Riders on the storm - Ahn Trio (EMI 5 57357)
PIAZZOLLA: Milonga del ángel - Ahn Trio (EMI 5 57357)