22 Aug 2020

Juliet PALMER: Cutwork

From Music Alive, 9:05 pm on 22 August 2020

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Juliet Palmer

Juliet Palmer Photo: Supplied

Juliet Palmer writes:

“Cutwork takes its inspiration from textile decoration: material is cut away and the edges of the hole are repaired to prevent fraying and unravelling. Further stitching embellishes the fabric, reworking and refilling around the material that has been removed. The technique suggests musical analogies as well as a vision for ecological recovery. Responding to either wilful or accidental damage takes creativity and care.

“I’m drawn to the image of cutwork as a way to find novel approaches to form, ornamentation and silence. What is the material that exists before we begin to cut? What do we see or hear through the gap? Drawing with scissors, we make a pattern: stitching mends the rupture and celebrates what’s missing.

“Cutwork was commissioned by Peter Scholes and the Auckland Chamber Orchestra and generously funded by Creative New Zealand.”

Performed by members of Auckland Chamber Orchestra conducted by Peter Scholes at a Composer Portrait concert devoted to the music of Juliet Palmer.

Luca Manghi, Melody Lin (flute, piccolo), Noah Rudd (oboe), Donald Nicholls (clarinet, bass clarinet), Carl Wells (horn), Stephen Bemelman (trumpet), Grant Sinclair (trombone), Jenny Raven (vibes), Miranda Adams (violin), Helen Bevan (viola), James Yoo (cello), Evgeny Lanchtchikov (double bass), Tatiana Lanchtchikova (accordion), Blas Gonzalez (piano, celeste)

Recorded by RNZ Concert, Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Auckland, 20 October 2019
Sound engineer: Adrian Hollay

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