17 Apr 2020

LIVE VIDEO: Royal New Zealand Ballet - Cinderella

From Music Alive, 6:00 pm on 17 April 2020

Join us online for this video presentation of the Royal New Zealand Ballet performing  'Cinderella'. Or you can still  listen to RNZ Concert's regular programme on the radio.

Dazzling against the light and dark of Prokofiev’s powerful score, this is a ravishing interpretation of the timeless 'rags to riches' fairy-tale romance.

Friday 17 April at 7.30pm (and repeating on Sunday 19 April at 10.30am)

In her grief, the young Cinderella plants a rose at her mother’s graveside. When her father remarries, the future seems bleaker than ever. Her wicked stepmother is intent on pushing kind and beautiful Cinderella aside in favour of her two nasty step-sisters. The course of true love never did run smooth, but in this best loved of all fairy tales, Cinderella meets her prince.

Choreographed by Christopher Hampson and with sumptuous costumes and lavish sets by acclaimed New Zealand designer Tracy Grant Lord.

RNZ Ballet's programme and synopsis


Cinderella: Lucy Green  

Prince: Qi Huan  

Tall Step Sister: Clytie Campbell  

Short Step Sister: Adriana Harper  

Fairy Godmother: Abigail Boyle  

Stepmother: Lucy Balfour  

Father: Paul Mathews  

Dancing Master, Grasshopper: Medhi Angot  

Prince’s Friends: Brendan Bradshaw, Jacob Chown  

Designer, Spider: Jaered Glavin  

Dress Makers, Spiders: Helio Lima, Harry Skinner, Sam Shapiro  

Shoe Makers, Silkmoths: Jacob Chown, Kohei Iwamoto  

Priest, The Royal Shoemaker: Sir Jon Trimmer  

Shoemakers: Kohei Iwamoto, Rory Fairweather-Neylan, Sam Shapiro, Jaered Glavin  

With Artists of the Royal New Zealand Ballet  

Ginny Gan, Katherine Grange, Sara Havener, Antonia Hewitt, Bronte Kell,y Yang Liu, Alayna Ng, Mayu Tanigaito, Emma White ,Maree White, Gina-Marie Leathem, Dimitri Kleioris, Loughlan Prior, Joseph Skelton, Matthew Slattery; Luis Piva Jr (New Zealand School of Dance) 

Young Cinderella: Emily Nicholson  

Young Tall Sister: Heidi Craig  

Young Short Sister: Olivia Gordon  

Pageboys: Daniel Cockerill, Salem Foxx


Orchestra Wellington 

Marc Taddei, Conductor 

Christopher Hampson, Choreographer  

Tracey Grant Lord, Production Designer  

Nick Schlieper, Lighting Designer  

Ethan Steifel, Artistic Director 

Recorded at St James Theatre, Wellington - Dress Rehearsal, Wednesday 1 August 2012 

Video: Mike Ritchie

Edited by Jeremy Brick 





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