8:00 Red Priest: The Baroque Bohemians

Red Priest

Red Priest Photo: Red Priest

Throughout European musical history, influential but elusive figures lurk in the shadows — generations of now forgotten Gypsy musicians who have exerted a powerful fascination on composers, from Biber and Telemann in the 17th century to Ravel in the 20th.  But who were these 'Gypsy' musicians really?  UK group Red Priest explores the link of this virtuosic folk-music to its classical counterparts.



BIBER: Sonata No 1 in A

CAMPRA: La Bohémienne (from Les Fêtes Vénitiennes)

BYRD: Gypsies’ Round

NICHOLSON: Jew’s Dance

ANON arr Summerhayes: Slow Road to Uhrovska

TELEMANN: Largo and Presto (from Concerto in E minor TWV 52)

ANON arr Summerhayes: Sweet Uhrovska, The Village is Burning – Whistling 1 – The Reeds are Breaking – Whistling 2 – So Clasp to your Heart that Lovely Dark Girl

HANDEL: Lascia Ch’Io, Czardas

VIVALDI: The Gypsy and the Priest (after Concerto in A minor RV356)

Red Priest - Piers Adams (recorders), Adam Summerhayes (violin), Angela East (cello), David Wright (harpsichord)

A CMNZ concert recorded in the Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington by RNZ Concert

Red Priest's Auckland concert


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