NZTrio Photo: Supplied

Tonight we have a concerto from the NZTrio’s Loft series 2015, featuring a luscious French romantic work of Saint-Saens’s Piano Trio in G minor, a brand new offering from our homeland, and a bit of a twist. Added into the mix is a fascinating trio from a Polish composer more famous for his virtuosic solo piano works, Frederic Chopin.

 The ever engaging NZTrio emote fire and electricity, turbulence and calm in this programme which includes the premiere of David Hamilton‘s ’The Faraday Cage’. This new commission was written for, and dedicated to NZTrio The title was the starting point for the work, and suggests sparks and electric currents running around the surface of some object, exploring the interaction between force fields and energy. (Source: NZTrio website)

Recorded at the Q Theatre Loft, Auckland by RNZ Concert