Michael Houstoun (piano), Alejo Pérez (conductor)

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Black Swan Poster

Black Swan Poster Photo: Public Domain

The silver screen has brought new fame to the works in this programme. Samuel Barber’s tragic Adagio gained new layers of meaning in Platoon.

Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.25 – played tonight by New Zealand piano legend Michael Houstoun – is just one of several of his piano concerti that have enhanced movies; in this case the 1987 Barfly (and, perhaps somewhat less illustriously, The Associate).

Walt Disney faithfully followed Paul Dukas’ music in Fantasia, although Dukas probably wasn’t thinking of Mickey Mouse when he composed his lively scherzo The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

And Pytor Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake was given a chilling new twist in Black Swan.(Source: APO)

Direct from the Auckland Town Hall, by Radio New Zealand