21 Nov 2020

Live: Anita Schwabe Sextet

From Jazz on Concert, 8:00 pm on 21 November 2020
Anita Schwabe Sextet at 2020 Wellington Jazz Festival

Anita Schwabe Sextet at 2020 Wellington Jazz Festival Photo: Stephen A'Court Photography

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Anita Schwabe (piano), Callum Allardice (guitar), Nick Tipping (bass), Lance Philip (drums), Bryn van Vliet (saxophone), Chris Fox (trombone)

Featuring new music inspired by the city she lives in, award-winning composer Anita Schwabe is joined by some of the most talented and versatile musicians in the country. 

Anita Schwabe explains:

"The commission suite consists of four tunes inspired by Wellington locations. The first piece portrays Otari-Wilton's Bush; there are moments of serenity and calm, and moments of busyness with the horns imitating birdsong.

The second piece is inspired by Johnson's Hill and features a pastoral theme to match the expansive views over Wellington and the South Island.

The third tune is Harbour Reflection with colourful chords and reflective writing between the horns.

The last piece is Cuba Street which has a more quirky busy feel with hints of Cuban rhythms and there may be a heavily disguised quote from "Over the Rainbow".

I have always thought New Zealand music has a unique sound. Perhaps because of our varied landscapes and our willingness to experiment and be open to new ideas, it means we can create with less rules. I love the fact many musicians who have studied the jazz "rules" have then gone on to form their own sound in a multitude of different genres that seem to excite New Zealand listeners."

Set list:


February 2019

Perpetual Motion

A Jolly Good fellow

Echidna Blues


A Snapshot of Wellington: Otari – Wilton’s Bush; Johnson’s Hill ; Harbour Reflection; Cuba Street          

Recorded at St. Peters on Willis, Wellington by RNZ Concert

Producer/sound engineer: Darryl Stack