28 May 2024

Rodger Fox: a tribute to the champion of New Zealand jazz

From Three to Seven, 3:05 pm on 28 May 2024
Rodger Fox

Rodger Fox Photo: Supplied

Nick Tipping, host of RNZ’s jazz show Inside Out, pays tribute to NZ jazz great Rodger Fox who has died at the age of 71.

Talking with RNZ Concert's Bryan Crump, Nick says he can't imagine what today's jazz scene in New Zealand would have been like without Rodger's contribution.

"I've been having chats all day with jazz musicians who are trying to come to terms with [Rodger's death] and I think there isn't a jazz musician in New Zealand whose life hasn't been impacted in some way by Rodger Fox."

"Whether it's directly, like people like myself who've been in his bands and toured with him, [or] people who have seen him play. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of musicians around the country, and music lovers, who got their first taste of jazz in high school when Rodger came to visit."

"He was just indefatigable in terms of the amount of energy that he put into promoting jazz and jazz music around the country."