10 Jun 2017

The Comet is Coming

From Jazz on Concert, 8:00 pm on 10 June 2017
The Comet is Coming

The Comet is Coming Photo: Fabrice Bourgelle Pyres 2015

Brace for impact with these futuristic space-jazz pioneers. Fusing jazz, Afro-beat and electronica, The Comet is Coming are your soundtrack to an imagined apocalypse, with members King Shabaka, Danalogue and Betamax as your cosmic guides.

Recorded at The Opera House, Wellington by RNZ

Engineer: Graham Kennedy

Music Details:

Danalogue the Conqueror, King Shabaka, Betamax Killer:


Journey Through the Asteroid Belt

Final Days of the Apocalypse

Do the Milky Way


Final Eclipse

March of the Rising Sun

Cosmic Serpent

New Age

Start Running

Neon Baby 

Space Carnival

Star Furnace 

Channel The Spirits

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