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Songs of the Volcano

We head to a Pacific destination this week in Global Sounds - the town where guitars were first introduced to Papua New Guinea. Rabaul has been destroyed twice by volcanoes and once by war in less than 60 years. Hear the remarkable story of this place and its people through recordings of five different string bands made between 2003-2004.

Music Details
JOHN TURLOP: Youth Development - Gilnata Stringband
DANIEL TODU: Tou ra Vui -  Gilnata Stringband
WESLEY TURKAUL: Tomaimo – Eagle Voice Band
EPHRAIM TAMI: Watikai Iau Nuk Pau Atalaigu - Eagle Voice Band
DAVID PAUL: Valvalian – Alir Pukai Stringband
JAMES EREMAS: Uma Lari Alir Pukai Stringband
GABRIEL MILAT: Gossip – Drop Sun Band
GABRIEL MILAT: Rabaul Taun – Drop Sun Band
AUGUSTINE KANKAN: Beautiful Rabaul  – Lions 2000 Stringband
AUGUSTINE KANKAN: Sori Boko Na Ra Club - Lions 2000 Stringband
JAMES EREMAS: Ram Kuk - Alir Pukai Stringband