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In her latest album, Gach sgeul - Every story, Scots Gaelic singer and multi-instrumentalist Julie Fowlis presents a selection of traditional songs.
We’ll also hear from the innovative folk trio, Lau.


Music details
TRAD: Aghaoil, Leig Dhachaigh Gum Mhathair Mi (Love, let me home to my mother) – Julie Fowlis (Machair 309258)
TRAD: Smeorach Chlann Domhnaill (The Mavis of Clan Donald) – Julie Fowlis (Machair 309258)
TRAD: Puirt-A-Beul Set: Ribinnean Riomhach (Beautiful Ribbons) – Julie Fowlis (Machair 309258)
MACLEAN: Do Chalum (To Calum) – Julie Fowlis (Machair 309258)
TRAD: Cadal Ciarach Mo Luran (Sleep well, my beloved) – Julie Fowlis (Machair 309258)
R MACDONALD: Oran Fir Heisgeir (The song of Fear Heisgeir) – Julie Fowlis (Machair 309258)
G MACDONALD: Siud Thu 'ille Ruaidh Ghallain (There you go, handsome red-haired youth) – Julie Fowlis (Machair 309258)
TRAD: Danns' A Luideagan Odhar (Dance dun-coloured slattern) – Julie Fowlis (Machair 309258)
LAU: Save the bees – Lau (Reveal 242868)
LAU: Throwing pennies – Lau (Reveal 242868)
LAU: The bird that winds the spring – Lau (Reveal 242868)
LAU: Far from Portland – Lau (Reveal 242868)