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English folk and Finnish folk

James FindlayJames Findlay is a young singer, fiddler and guitarist from Dorset, and today in Global Sounds we play a selection of traditional ballads and songs from his debut album Sport and Play.

And then, as they say, for something completely different: it’s Sväng, the harmonica quartet from Finland with tunes from their album Schladtzshe! (Fellside 602382; Aito 344016)



Music details:

Sport & Play – James Findlay (Fellside 602382)

Trad arr Findlay - I am a Rover

Trad arr Findlay - Sorry the day I was married

Trad arr Findlay - Dives and Lazarus

Trad arr Findlay - Tam Lin

Trad arr Findlay - The White Cockade

Trad arr Findlay - Lakes of Shilin


Schladtzshe! – Sväng (Aito 344016)

Grundstrom - Schladtzshe!

Turkka - Kyykaarmeen polska

Trad arr Grundstrom - Hoijakat

Kyhala - Humaljarvi