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Rough Guide Native AmericaThe Rough Guide to Native America

The Rough Guide to Native America celebrates the best of the Native American scene from treasured pow-wows and ancient flute styles to contemporary fusions (World Music Network RGNET 1288)

Music Details:

ASANI: Oti Nikan - Asani

SULLIVAN: As The Rez Turns - Pipestone

R CARLOS NAKAI and KEOLA BEAMER: Ka Mano 'The Shark' - R Carlos Nakai And Keola Beamer

PIMA EXPRESS: Crazy Spining Chicken - Pima Express

ESTUN-BAH: In The Time Of Chiefs - Estun-Bah

PURA FE: 4 Daughters - Pura Fé

PURA FE: Grammah's Easter Lullaby - Pura Fé

PURA FE: Mahk Jchi - Pura Fé

PURA FE: Great Grandpah's Banjo - Pura Fé

BLACKFIRE: American Indian Movement Song - Blackfire

WASINGER: I Am The Beginning And The End - Dorothy Tsatoke

BLACKFOOT: Buffalo Song - Blackfoot