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“Do you not remember the Javanese music able to express every nuance of meaning, even unmentionable shades, and which makes our tonic and dominant seem like empty phantoms for the use of unwise infants?" Claude Debussy

Orientalism, Chinoiserie and Japonisme are the reverse, or the shadow of, Occidentalism.

Our host for this segment is Lynda Chanwai-Earle.

Chinese Shawl Double sided embroidered silk crepe
Double-sided embroidered silk crêpe shawl; with landscape, floral & figure decoration & white tassel fringe.
Chinese 1870-1920. Photo: Val_McG on Flickr


BOURGAULT-DUCOUDRAY: Rhapsodie cambodgienne
Slovak Radio SO/Adriano
Marco Polo 8.225234

DEBUSSY: Pagodes, from Estampes
Pascal Rogé (pno)
Onyx 4018

DEBUSSY: 2nd mvmnt, String Quartet in G minor
Tokyo String Quartet
RCA 09026 62552

CHABRIER: Pastorale des cochons roses
Brigitte Balleys (sop), Laurent Martin (pno)
Ligia LIDI 020 1205-09

FUKAI: Ravel, from Four Parodies for Orchestra
Russian Phil/Dmitry Yablonsky
Naxos 8.557688

HARRISON: Concerto in slendro, excerpt
California Symphony/Barry Jekowsky
Argo 455 590

Gamelan orchestra
Gamelan orchestra. Photo: Tropenmuseum of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)