6 Mar 2022

Blue Smoke: North Shore

From Blue Smoke, 8:30 pm on 6 March 2022
Screaming Meemees

Screaming Meemees Photo: Supplied

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In this episode we take a musical tour of Auckland's North Shore, which once had its own pirate ship dance hall, still has a bunker, and nurtured a Lorde. Chris Bourke takes a ferry across the Waitemata in Blue Smoke.

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Music Details

Artist: Blam Blam Blam
Track: Dr Who theme
Composer: Ron Grainer
Album: Complete Blam Blam Blam
Label: Propeller

Artist: Al Paget Sextet
Track: Chariot Stomp
Composer: Trad arr Paget
Album: Zodiac Heritage Series v3
Label: Zodiac

Artist: Ben Tawhiti, His Matonaires, and Eddie Howell
Track: Well Don’t You Know
Composer: K/A
Album: Zodiac Heritage Series v1
Label: Zodiac

Artist: Sandy Edmonds
Track: Come See Me
Composer: Tubbs, Jackson, Barnes
45rpm single Z45/1261
Label: Zodiac

Artist: Mike Harvey
Track: The Crusher
Composer: Mike Harvey
Album: And Now a Word from Our Sponsor
Label: Frenzy

Artist: Salty Dogg
Track: Born to Boogie
Composer: Mike Harvey
Album: Love to Play and Sing
Label: EMI

Artist: Billy T James
Track: The Band (comedy sketch)
Composer: Billy T James
Album: Billy T Live at Pips
Label: Pagan

Artist: Ray Woolf
Track: Satisfaction
Composer: Jagger-Richards
Album: Once Upon a Time
Label: RCA Camden

Artist: Screaming Meemees
Track: Sunday Boys
Composer: Drumm/O’Neill/Van Der Fluit/Yoh
45rpm single REV15A
Label: Propeller

Artist: Beaver
Track: Say Mister
Composer: A Baysting/Neil Hannan
45rpm single
Label: Vertigo

Artist: Ella Yelich-O’Connor & Louis McDonald
Track: Mama Do
Composer: Hauge & Thornalley
RNZ recording, 2009

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