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Monday: Composer of the Week - MSTISLAV ROSTROPOVICH (1927-2007)

A programme featuring the consummate Russian musician - cellist, conductor, and accompanist who was the inspiration for many commissioned works in the second part of the 20th Century. Presented by Robbie Ellis (RNZ)

Wednesday: Beethoven Quartets

In three programmes Peter Walls explores the character of Beethoven’s great cycle of String Quartets, being performed and broadcast by the NZSQ this year

(3) The Road to Parnassus (RNZ)

Thursday: Candide

Voltaire’s 18th century satirical novella takes the central character through a tumultuous series of adventures in a parody of the classic adventure-romance plot, all testing the philosophy of optimism he’s been taught. Leonard Bernstein’s 20th century musical has had its own calamitous episodes and multiple revisions but survives in the repertoire to this day. Presented by Elric Hooper and Des Wilson (RNZ)

Friday: The Critic's Chair

Robert Johnson reviews of recent releases (RNZ)